Virtual Organizing

As owner of TSO, Jonda loves helping people who are organizationally challenged.  Sometimes all that is needed is a little help with a task that has become overwhelming. Other times it can involve a larger project which we break down and conquer in small bites.

I can now help you virtually –  without even being in your space.

During a phone call:

  • I help you determine what you’d like to accomplish
  • develop your vision
  • discuss some of your challenges and concerns
  • brainstorm what tasks to work on
  • develop a timeline of task completion

Each session I help you prioritize, become accountable, and keep you motivated.

This process works well if:

  • you are motivated
  • you are comfortable working independently but desire guidance and accountability
  • you are on a budget
  • you have an unusual schedule
  • you are comfortable communicating electronically by phone, email, Facetime, or Skype.

The beauty of virtual organizing is that I don’t come to your home, therefore I only see what you want me to see. For more information, contact us today.