Tips for Spring

• Now we are getting our yards ready for summer-keep all of your gardening supplies in one place and organized by task (plant, water weed, harvest). An old golf bag or large garbage can in a good container for rakes and other tall tools.

• While you are organizing your garden center, toss out old seed packets past their expiration date, old fertilizer, broken tools, or icky gardening gloves.

• Shoe trays are a great way to keep muddy shoes from messing up your floor. They come in a variety of styles so find one that works in your entryway.

• A large decorative vase or container near your front door to hold your umbrellas keeps drips from coming into your home.

• Look over your winter items before storing them. If they need cleaning or mending do it now. If you did not wear it this past season, consider donating it.