Leap Year Proposal

2012 is a leap year. We have an extra day to use at the end of this month. Let’s not think of it as just any other day but do something to make it special.

On the eve of every New Year we make resolutions or affirmations for the upcoming year. What if on the 29th we make Leap Year Resolutions? Think of this as a slightly short five year plan.

Write down where you want to be in four years. What job are you doing? Where are you living? How is your health? Who are your friends? What are your relationships like? Be very specific.

Then write down what you need to do to make these visions come true. Develop a four year timeline and put on your calendar specific times to review your goals and the revisit the timeline to see how your are progressing.

Now share these goals with someone. This will make it real for you.

Happy Leap Year!

Jonda S. Beattie
Professional Organizer

Fear of Failure

No one likes to fail. If we fail we must have made mistakes, done something stupid, weren’t good enough, etc.
But, if we never fail – if we always make our goals, what does that say? If we never fail we must have had very easy, attainable goals, not stretched ourselves, and not achieved a fraction of what we are capable of doing.
People through time have learned only through mistakes. Failure gives us a chance to learn and improve.
Getting from where we are now to our ultimate vision requires some missteps. But, these mistakes give us a chance to grow and push our limits.
You have probably heard the story about Edison going through over 1,000 combinations of gas and filament before he developed a workng light bulb that would last. After the light bulb began to be distributed, the science editor of a well known national publication asked him how it felt to have failed so many times. Edison responded with the fact that he had succeeded in producing the incandescent bulb. When the editor persisted, Edison framed the problem of getting to a working light bulb as one that had over 1,000 steps along the way. Had he thought of each step along the way a yet another fialure, the light bulb might never have been developed.
What do we want out of life? What is our vision? Do we listen to what others tell us and what we tell ourselves about the risks necessary to move toward that vision? When we begin to grow and expand our goals, we are going to experience a learning curve and some failures along the way. Failure is just a part of the process of expanding our lives.
Let’s dream large and move forward.

Jonda S. Beattie
Professional Organizer


Even when we know better, we can let our priorities get out of kilter. What seems to be urgent items, crowd out the important items in our life. We end up exhausted and anxious. The struggle with time management isn’t usually cured by reading new techniques. We usually know what we should do. The exhaustion we feel from putting out all the fires has an impact on all areas of our life. We skip the morning exercise to squeeze a few more minutes answering emails. We put off eating until we are so tired and hungry, we grab anything. We don’t go out Friday night because we just want to crash in bed.
So how do we refresh and restore our balance?
First we have to have that awareness that we are out of line. Falling asleep over the computer or during an evening teleclass is a clue. Putting on weight and beginning to feel more aches and pains could be another clue. Or perhaps friends have given up calling because you are always so busy.
Then we have to take some time with ourselves to go back and look at our life vision. What do we want to do with our life? How do we want to feel? Look at all the areas in your life – career, family, friends, health, intellectual, spiritual. Review your goals in each area.
Now, find activities that will help you get to your goals. Sometimes one activity or event can serve you on several levels. For example, this past week, I put my business aside and went to visit my sister in Spokane and went to my niece’s wedding. This helped me work toward my goals in the family, friends, health, and spiritual areas. I came back so refreshed and my business did not fall apart. Moving forward I am planning other events to continue working on my goals – a week with my son and his wife, a personal business retreat, a vacation with a girl friend, a family reunion at Thanksgiving. On a weekly basis, I have scheduled exercise, social time, and joined weight watchers.
I hope to continue to create better habits with my time management in order to keep my priorities in line. I am scheduling the things I need to do – my everyday life activates. I am scheduling my work activities – and putting an end time on my days. I am scheduling at least one thing I want to do – dance, go out with a friend, take in a movie. I am looking at the commitments that are already made and on my calendar. I am scheduling time for my health – exercise, weight watchers, doctor appointments.

What are you doing to keep your life in balance?

Jonda S. Beattie
Professional Organizer

NAPO conference

Next week I will be attending the NAPO conference in San Diego. This will be my 5th conference. Before I head off to the conference I set goals for myself.
I want to learn about the latest trends and resources in the organizing industry. I plan to glean information from experts in the field that I can use to improve my services. I want to see the newest products and services offered in the industry. I hope to network with other organizers in different parts of the country. This will give me a chance to meet face to face with some organizers I have just chatted with or shared information with on Facebook. I will also have some social time with organizers from my own chapter.
I also plan to have some fun. I have never been to San Diego so I am going one day early in order to see the city. I hope to take a tour and learn more about the area.
When I return I will develop an action plan from this wonderful experience.

Jonda S. Beattie
Professional Organizer

Enjoy what you do

Life is too short to be unhappy. We all have down times and sad things happen, but life overall should be enjoyable.
I love my job and the people I work with. Because of my profession, I have met some of the most fantastic people and been in some of the most unusual homes. I have been able to exchange ideas with my peers and clients and come away with new insights and a stronger realization that all people are fascinating.
I belong to a goals group that really keeps me grounded. Once a month we meet and discuss the wins we have had in the past month. We talk about our goals for the upcoming month and ask for ideas to help us meet our goals. In the two years this group has been together, we have all done some fantastic things.
One of the fun things I have done this week is to make a video (http://www.youtube.com/user/danynieves) with Dany Nieves (pgarts@mindspring.com) of 307 Idea Factory. I had so much fun doing it and I am really enjoying people’s comments about the video. I look forward to doing even more with Dany.
I am looking forward to the Decatur Book Festival, where I will be in the Get Organized! booth. The past years there I have met many fun, wonderful people. I am also looking forward to the workshop Diane Quintana and I are preparing for Sept. 11, 18, and 25 where people can come and get guidance on their own organizational projects.
I guess looking forward is the key to happiness.
What is making you happy?
Jonda S. Beattie
Professional Organizer

Upcoming NAPO conference

Next week I will be attending the NAPO conference in Columbus, Ohio. This will be my 4th conference. Before I go to conferences I set goals for myself.
One of my primary goals is to come away with new knowledge. I will learn what organizers across the country are doing. I will learn what changes are happening in our industry. I will learn new resources. I will see new products.
Another goal is to personally connect with other organizers. I will catch up with organizers I have met before. I will get to meet face to face with some organizers I have chatted with online or read their blogs. I will meet organizers by chance when we sit side by side at presentations.
I also plan to promote my book, From Vision to Victory. It will be for sale at the conference. I will also get to see the new releases of other organizers.
Then, I also plan to have fun. There will be a meal when all of our organizers from Georgia will be together. There will be a social the evening before conference starts. My brother lives nearby and at the close of the conference I will go to his home for the evening before starting back home. If I”m lucky I will even get to squeeze in some time to go geocauching.
The day I return I have set aside to develop an action plan from this great experience.

Jonda S. Beattie
Professional Organizer

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