Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) Conference Recap

I always go to conference with goals in mind. The theme of the conference this year was ICD R.O.C.K.S. The plan was to walk away from conference with information on the latest Research, have Opportunity to expand our thinking, Collaborate with peers, gain Knowledge through the presentations and from each other, and to learn Strategies to use on ourselves and our clients.
Diane Quintana and I also went with the idea of letting other participants know about our new children’s book, Suzie’s Messy Room. We had hoped to have the book in hand by conference but that did not happen. We did have a mock up and some post cards telling about the book.
The presentations were fantastic. We were exposed to:

    • Unlocking the Secrets to Teens
    • Still Someone: Working with People Who Have Memory Loss
    • Hoarding Disorder: Definitions and Best Practices
    • MESS: One Man’s Struggle to Clean Up His House & His Act
    • Recognizing & Managing Compassion Fatigue
    • Universal Design: Making Life Easier for Everyone
    • Nervous System Resilience
    • I Have What? A Practical Guide to Working with ADHD Adults

The conference certainly did give opportunities to network and expand our thinking. The challenge now is to incorporate all of this learning into practices with myself and my clients. I have the handout material and will set aside some times to review each presentation. I have clients in mind that will benefit from all of this new research and learning.

Next year the conference is in Portland, Oregon. The theme is Blazing a Trail. Wow!

Jonda S. Beattie

Professional Organizer

NAPO conference

Next week I will be attending the NAPO conference in San Diego. This will be my 5th conference. Before I head off to the conference I set goals for myself.
I want to learn about the latest trends and resources in the organizing industry. I plan to glean information from experts in the field that I can use to improve my services. I want to see the newest products and services offered in the industry. I hope to network with other organizers in different parts of the country. This will give me a chance to meet face to face with some organizers I have just chatted with or shared information with on Facebook. I will also have some social time with organizers from my own chapter.
I also plan to have some fun. I have never been to San Diego so I am going one day early in order to see the city. I hope to take a tour and learn more about the area.
When I return I will develop an action plan from this wonderful experience.

Jonda S. Beattie
Professional Organizer

Power Office

One of the presentations given at the NAPO conference this year was on Creating a Power Office by Judith Lubowicki, CPO. She defines a Power Office as one that: contains systems that are flexible and expandable; contains work areas that are unclogged and easily accessible; contains systems that are clear to everyone; contains processes that can be duplicated easily; and contains tasks, routines, and maintenance that are planned-not left to chance.
The two I would like to discuss are systems that are flexible and expandable and having tasks, routines, maintenance that is planned.
We often set up our office and expect it to stay that way. Well, life happens and things change so our office must be able to change to meet the new circumstances. My business is steadily growing, so each year when I reconfigure my office I have to deal with the past year’s growth and leave room for new growth. As my files grow and get more complicated, I need more file storage. I now file archival materials in another room. Activity and projects are in files and binders in my bookcase. I color code my files so that I can easily refile and if a file is out I know exactly where its home is located. I have finance files, active client files, nonactive client files, activities, projects, reference, and product instructions/manuals/warranties. Items I need everyday I can reach without leaving my chair. I already have plans for January when I revisit my office zone again.
The other challenge is that we often don’t plan and schedule routine and boring tasks and we just leave them to chance. We need to schedule these tasks on our calendar. While not fun to do, it makes the workspace so much more enjoyable to use and will save us time in the long run. I do a yearly reconfiguration but weekly and daily maintenance tasks like clearing the desk, putting away random folders, and filing.
Let me know your office challenge!

Jonda S. BeattieProfessional Organizer

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Upcoming NAPO conference

Next week I will be attending the NAPO conference in Columbus, Ohio. This will be my 4th conference. Before I go to conferences I set goals for myself.
One of my primary goals is to come away with new knowledge. I will learn what organizers across the country are doing. I will learn what changes are happening in our industry. I will learn new resources. I will see new products.
Another goal is to personally connect with other organizers. I will catch up with organizers I have met before. I will get to meet face to face with some organizers I have chatted with online or read their blogs. I will meet organizers by chance when we sit side by side at presentations.
I also plan to promote my book, From Vision to Victory. It will be for sale at the conference. I will also get to see the new releases of other organizers.
Then, I also plan to have fun. There will be a meal when all of our organizers from Georgia will be together. There will be a social the evening before conference starts. My brother lives nearby and at the close of the conference I will go to his home for the evening before starting back home. If I”m lucky I will even get to squeeze in some time to go geocauching.
The day I return I have set aside to develop an action plan from this great experience.

Jonda S. Beattie
Professional Organizer

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GA-NAPO conference

The GA-NAPO conference last Friday at the Loudermilk Conference Center was awesome. It made me proud to be part of such a fantastic, hard-working organization. Top-notch presenters and panels were enthusiastic, helpful, and entertaining. I had the privilege of introducing one of my favorite presentors, Judith Kolberg, who spoke on the “Super Powers of Disorganized People”. I am back at the home office now working on that follow up action plan.