Virtual Organization

Atlanta traffic can be terrible. Many times, I have long drives to client’s homes, often arriving a bit early to allow for mishaps in traffic. When I arrive early, I usually park away from their home until the time I am supposed to arrive.

At times my client is also returning to their home and they get caught up in traffic. I sit and wait for their arrival but now the clock is ticking for them on using their assigned time. I have had clients lose up to and even over an hour of their scheduled time this way. Other times clients have forgotten or been unrealistic about tasks they have had to do before our appointment and I get a call or text about being late as I am almost at their home.

Just yesterday, a client lost 2 of her 3 paid hours. She has occasionally used virtual organizing with me before, but those sessions had been mostly consultations and brainstorming sessions. I pointed out to her again yesterday that we could set up virtual sessions working on the projects she needed to do. I would be her body double and accountability partner via Facetime. She could set her times when she knew she could be home for at least an hour and not lose paid time trying to get home.

We set two times for this coming Friday where she would have everything in place for the project and we would Facetime for an hour. Then we plan to take an hour break where she was not paying for my time and resume for another hour. After that second hour she could continue to work for a while and send me pictures and texts showing her progress.

This is one example of how virtual organization saves time and money for the client.

Contact Time Space Organization, 404-299-5111 or if you think this organizational service might be a fit for you.

Jonda S. Beattie

Professional Organizer

Organizational Help for Those With Crazy Work Hours

Many people work hours that are not your usual 9 to 5 Monday through Friday schedule. People in the medical field or law enforcement, service industries like hotels, restaurants, bars, real estate agents, instructors in dance or yoga are a few examples. Then you have people who work more or less regular hours but also have to take care of children or their parents or both. Or there are those people who work and go to school or work more than one job.

These people may very well want and need some organizational help. They are looking for ways to streamline the paper that comes into their homes or to set up an easier way to meal plan, shop and cook. Perhaps they need help clearing up a bedroom so they can get a good nights sleep. But they simply don’t have 3 or 4 hours in a block or an entire day to tackle these projects.

This is where virtual organizing can be a real help. With each session of virtual organizing you need to schedule one hour working with the organizer via Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom and then one hour where you independently work on planned tasks to help you complete your project. Because the organizer is not traveling to your home in rush hour traffic, hours can be more flexible. As you continue to work independently you check in with the organizer via text message or email. This plan can be customized to fit your needs.

You don’t have to worry about someone coming into your house because the organizer only sees what you want her to see in order to complete the one project you have chosen to tackle. If you have a large project, the organizer can help you break it down into manageable parts and you complete one section at a time at your own speed.

For more information on how this might work for you, please contact me through my website or send me an email at We can then schedule a time to talk.

Jonda S. Beattie

Professional Organizer

Accountability Partners

Having trouble keeping a commitment to yourself? Can’t seem to get that project finished? Difficulty staying focused on your goal? These situations are so common and here is where accountability partners can really help.

An accountability partner is like a coach. They help you keep your commitment. They inspire you and keep you motivated. They are great for bouncing around ideas.

Where do you find an accountability partner or partners? For the past 10 years I have been part of a group that I call the goals group or the dream team. We meet once a month and review our wins from the past month and our goals for the upcoming month. We also feel free to call upon each other for advice, feedback, and brainstorming. Within this group some of us have partnered for different periods of time to concentrate on one goal where we felt we needed extra support.

As a professional organizer, I am often an accountability partner for some of my clients. Because we have planned times to work together the client is often motivated to complete a project or part of a project. They want to share their wins. They want inspirations to continue. They want someone they can bounce off ideas and know that their ideas are listened to and respected.

Some of my clients reach out to friends going through the same process and do regularly planned accountability calls. They set up a call and share their intentions for the day and then have a couple of check in calls to share their progress.

If you are looking for an accountability partner, look for someone who will be honest and straightforward with you. You want someone who will challenge you and not condemn or discourage you. You should look for someone who is a great listener and knows how to ask good questions. It also helps if the partner’s strengths and weaknesses are somewhat different from yours.

I would love to have some feedback on how you have used or plan to use an accountability partner.

Jonda S. Beattie

Professional Organizer

Would Virtual Organizing Work for You?

One of the services I offer is virtual organizing. Many people are not sure how this works and if it would work for them. Let’s explore those topics now.

How does virtual organizing work?

  • First we have a free phone consultation to explore if this would work
  • If we decide it will work, you fill out a questionnaire that helps solidify your intentions and goals for the sessions
  • If appropriate, you send pictures of the areas we target
  • You develop your vision of what the area will look like and how you will feel
  • We brainstorm all that needs to happen to reach your goals
  • We set up a completion date and develop a timeline
  • Each session we refine the plan and you put dates on your calendar to complete the tasks
  • As the organizer, I hold you accountable, help you prioritize, and make suggestions as well as keep you motivated
  • Once the goal is reached, we develop a maintenance routine
Would this work for me? Yes, if:
  • You can work by yourself and are motivated but want/need some guidance and accountability
  • You realize that organizational help is important but you are on a budget
  • You are comfortable communicating via phone, email, skype, and can send emails with photos
  • You are creative and need custom-tailored sessions
  • You are not physically close to professional organizers but still want their help
For more information visit my web site or contact me by email ( or phone (404-299-5111).

Jonda S. Beattie

Professional Organizer

Celebrating One Year of The Zone Plan Coaching Program

I have developed a coaching program, The Zone Plan: A Method for Organizing Your Home, that helps you set a vision, develop a plan, and implement the plan so that your home truly becomes a place you love. This program has been active for one year now and as I finish up my zone for this month, I will have revisited my vision for every zone in my home and touched everything in those zones.

This last zone is really one that catches three areas in my home that did not get included in any previous zone. This month I am working on my entry area, a storage wall in my laundry area, and finally just cleaning a back hallway.

My vision for the entry area is to create a space where incoming and outgoing items are held. My husband hangs a couple of pieces of his seasonal outerwear on hoods and I hang a favorite hat. Cloth grocery bags are hung on the doorknob as soon as groceries are unpicked so the next person going to the car carries them out. Outgoing mail is laid on the bench until the next trip to a mailbox. I like to smile when I enter my home by this door, so I have hung and place some whimsical art. This entry way is right outside my office, so the bench holds some of my office supplies.

The storage area in my laundry room has many purposes. Here I have recycling bins, a cat box, extra cat supplies, bird seed, a tool kit, and cleaning supplies. It is quite a mix but works well. As I go through this area, I mainly look for items that I no longer use or have expired. There are usually a few items that got dropped there that need to go to the outside storage shed.

While I personally have been using this zone plan for years, I am truly excited to have others join me in this program.

If you would like to try it, join me for the 10 month Zone Plan Group Coaching program. We will benefit from exploring 10 months of two open line calls a month (recorded for your convenience), one personal closed call to each member, motivating content and exercises, a pdf copy of my workbook, and a closed Facebook group. All of this is designed to set you on your path of living in the home you envision so that you control your space.

Each month (skipping the months of July and December) we will concentrate on one zone of the home. I will suggest a zone but the beauty of this program is that the concepts will fit any zone that you want to tackle.

This program is powerful, yet affordable. The yearly rate is only $450. There is even a 2-pay option if you need to spread payments out.

If you want results and are ready to make your home the one of your vision, then join us! 

Jonda S. Beattie

Professional Organizer

When to Hire a Professional Organizer

I have had clients greet me at the door with the comment, “My mother would just die if she knew I paid someone to come in and help me with this project.” Somehow we just feel that we should be able to do everything ourselves with no support.

Well, I am a professional organizer and I have hired other professional organizers to help me – more than once. I also hire a cleaning person, lawn care, an accountant/CPA, a webmaster/graphic designer. Why should I take on projects that I could do but am not really proficient or projects where I just don’t want to spend my time? I am really much better served doing what I do very well and love doing, and hiring out the rest. This way I can devote more time helping my clients.

There are many reasons to hire an organizer. Let me list a few.

  1. You are in way over your head and your therapist has been recommending one for years. You might be a hoarder. You might me suffering from depression. There may be many reasons but a professional organizer can partner with a coach or therapist to give the maximum help and support.
  2. You have a permanent condition that makes it hard to get and stay organized. Clients with ADHD, TBI, or other conditions can reduce stress and anxiety by working with a professional organizer on a regular basis.
  3. You are going through a life event that has thrown you off your organizational game for a while. You may be getting married, going through a divorce, combining families, having children, downsizing, dealing with illness or death. These events take an enormous amount of energy and added stressful tasks on top of living your day to day life. Hiring a professional organizer to get you through this event just makes sense.
  4. You need help in an area that you are not proficient in or that you just hate to do. You hate organizing your computer files or your paper files. You are terrible at laying out an efficient kitchen. You love to look at your photographs but have no idea where to start in organizing them.
  5. You have a couple of projects where you would like a “kick start”. You’ve let that extra bedroom or the basement get out of control over the years. Now, you’d like to reclaim that space but it overwhelms you. you may just need a professional organizer to get you started and then finish it yourself.
  6. You can definitely do the projects yourself but you would like some accountability and support. This is where organization coaching can be useful. I have a Zone Plan Coaching teleclass where I lead groups through projects via group calls and virtual support.

As you can see, there is a wide range of possible ways to use an organizer. What is your reason to give us a call?

Jonda S. Beattie

Professional Organizer

Making a Schedule That Works For You

It’s the end of the day. You look back at your schedule. So much has not been accomplished. You feel discouraged and wonder what is wrong with you.

Sound familiar?

How can you put together a schedule that works for you? One that gives you a satisfied feeling at the end of the day? 

  1. Be realistic. Don’t schedule everything in the world that you want to do. Put in the big 3 items that you want to do in the day that will move you toward your goals. Be realistic about how long each task will take. If it is a huge time consuming task, consider blocking off only so much time to work on it today and plan another day to continue it. 
  2. Plan for transition times. Allow time between tasks to put items away and prepare your space and mind for the next task on hand. If  you need to travel somewhere for that task, allow aplenty of time for that travel and set up when you get there. 
  3. Plan at least one task that is important but not yet urgent. This will keep you from always working “under the gun.” If you ignore important but not yet urgent tasks, soon those tasks will also become urgent and you will feel more stressed and out of control.
  4. When working on the tasks, quit when the task is good enough. Don’t try to get perfectionism. Don’t put more time into the task than it is worth. 
  5. Set up some accountability plan. This might be checking in with an accountability partner or keeping the goal in front of you by checking in several times a day with the questions, “Am I on task? Am I doing the best possible thing to move me toward my goal?”
  6. Reward yourself when you complete each of the big 3. Take a break. Give yourself some treat – maybe a short walk or a special coffee.

Still some days you don’t get it all done? Don’t beat yourself up. Learn from mistakes and know that tomorrow is another day.

Jonda S. Beattie

Professional Organizer

Organizing the Creative Mind

It is so much fun to be creative. We can come up with all of these wonderful ideas – how we cant redecorate our office, how we can streamline our time management system, how we can dig a pit and have a luau party. But often creative ideas just shrivel up due to lack of nourishment.
One of the NAPO conference sessions I attended was “20 Best Practices of Organizing the Creative Mind” by Scot Belsky. One of his premise was that impacts from creativity are a product – as in an equation.
Creativity X Organization = Impact
Impact is a product – not a sum.
100 great creative ideas times no organization = 0 impact
50 great creative ideas times 2 parts organization = impact of 100
Ideas don’t just happen just because they are great. There are other forces at play (hint: I’m a professional organizer).
Good ideas should be shared. This helps build in accountability. You have a good idea. Put together an execution plan. Write up action steps. These steps can be delegated or sometimes immediately taken. If you are meeting with a group, capture your action steps at the end of the meeting. Look for other resources to help you along. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Build a village around you to help you see your ideas to fruition. You may need doers and even some naysayers or realists in your group.
I am a part of a goals group. We meet monthly and we share our wins from the past month and our goals for the upcoming month. This is my accountability. This is a trusted arena where I can take my creative dreams, sound them out, and put the dreams to action.
Scott is the author of Making Ideas Happen and the founder of the Behance Network and the Action Method. Check him out for more great ideas.

Jonda S. Beattie
Professional Organizer