What’s Your Motivation?

You know you should………….

  • walk more
  • clean out your files
  • meditate
  • save more money
  •  (your choice)

But that project just keeps hanging out there. Every time you think about it you feel bad that you haven’t started  – so you have another cup of coffee and a cookie and read just one more chapter in that book.

I challenge you to look at your vision and motivation.

Why should I walk more?  It is important for me to keep my joints moving so that I can participate in activities when traveling and have the energy to play with my grandson. And when I look at the “should walk” that way, I might also see other activities that I might enjoy that would accomplish that vision. I can plan times to do a variety of activities to help me reach my vision

Why should I clean out my files? I know that tax time is around the corner and when that time comes, my vision is to walk into my accountant’s office with everything in order and without any stress over missing files or papers. I also know that I will save money if I have done my preparation so thoroughly that it will be an easy task for him to complete my forms. I have time now to schedule several short sessions to see that everything is in order and I envision waltzing out of a short session and going out to enjoy a nice lunch as my reward.

You get my point. Instead of having a lengthy list of “shoulds” have a vision of how you want your life to be. Then make a plan to bring that vision to life and schedule times to work that plan.

Pick one “should” now and work on your motivation and vision. I would love to hear what you have chosen and how you plan to work toward that vision. 




Stephen Covey said it so well ~ “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

We are multi-faceted beings. There are so many moving parts to our lives. We get up in the mornings and take care of our personal hygiene, prepare food, and take care of our home environment. 

We have our work to attend to if it’s running our business, going off to a job, or taking care of our family.

We need to take care of our health. This might involve preparing and eating healthy food, getting exercise, or going to bed at a reasonable hour. 

We have our personal relationships to nourish. It’s so important to give time to our family – both those living in our home and our extended family. Friendships need to be fed and kept healthy. Going beyond our immediate circles and giving to the community is also important.

Our minds need nourishing. We may do that through reading, writing, or working on puzzles.

And we should take time for our spirituality. This might be through setting your intentions for the day, meditation, prayer, or being open to the unknown.

For me, it’s pretty difficult – no, impossible to focus on all of these areas each day. Some things are routines and really run on autopilot. Other days, I really focus in on one area. I may have a big work project that takes up most of my day. I may snack at my desk or on the job. I may not walk. I don’t really socialize. But I would never do this day after day.

Sometimes, family or health crisis takes over and work is set aside, and you just deal with what’s in your face. You go into a survival mode.

Other times you choose to highlight one part of your being because at this moment in time, it is the most important thing to you. So, for a few days this week, I am leaving my house and work behind (but not my husband) and going to visit my son, his wife, and my grandson in Virginia. I have been trying to accomplish this for several months and now it is scheduled. Yeah!

Why I Use the Zone Plan

What is the Zone Plan?

Using the Zone Plan, I divide my home into 10 zones. Each month (except for July and December) I focus on that one zone. I begin by revisiting my vision for the area. I make a list of what I want to accomplish. I schedule time on my calendar to work through the tasks. During that month I touch everything in that zone and give the area a good deep cleaning. I have a teleclass with a group that works on their own zones and projects and that gives us all accountability.

What are the benefits of using the Zone Plan?

  • At the end of the year, I have touched everything in my home. I have made a decision about every object – to keep or to cull and how to store it.
  • It keeps my home fresh. As I start work on each zone, I notice anything that I no longer love or anything that is bugging me and I develop a plan to change it. I might paint a wall or change out a picture. I might play with the lighting. By the end of the month, I am in love with that zone again.
  • No spring cleaning because I do it all year round in the zone I am working. 
  • I visit every part of my home, from attic to out of sight storage. This can give me a heads up on some problems my home might have.  Moldy boots in a spare bedroom closet? (better see where that dampness is coming from) Rodent droppings in the attic? (better call pest control) Dampness under the sink in the kitchen? (better call the plumber) None of these problems can be very old as the zone was done last year.
  • By focusing mainly on just one zone, I give myself permission to not overly concern myself with other parts of my home. If I open my linen closet and it looks a bit messy, instead of jumping right in and fixing it all now, I say “Your turn is in June,” and use my time on something else.

I love the feeling I get at the end of the month when I stand back and look at my freshly cleaned and organized zone.