Organize Your Desk

If you spend as much time at your desk as I do, when it becomes a hot mess, so do you. At least once a year, I take time to reevaluate the way my desk is set up.

Start with the desktop. Remove everything and give it a good cleaning. Envision what you do at your desk. What objects do you use every day? Place these on your clean desk.

As an example, I have a rather small, traditional desk. This has its good points and bad. The desk fits well in my space and has drawers. This is good. The surface is small, and this can be frustrating. I use my computer (PC) every day. Because I have a kneehole with drawers on both sides, there is only one place the computer can sit. I have it connected and on a stand, so it is not easy to move around. I have a landline phone on my desk that sits on the wall side because of wires. I am right-handed so my mouse and coffee mug sit to the right. I also have a Time Timer that I use daily. I usually only have one pen out on my desk and I place it by the phone. I have a rather large desk lamp that takes up way too much space. This is really all I need. However, I also have a fresh flower, a picture of my grandson, and a small dish holding earbuds. I usually have one folder or project that I am working on and my calendar sitting on the desk while I work.

This arrangement is feeling crowded to me. I intend to have two recessed spotlights installed over my desk so the lamp can go. The picture of my grandson can go on the shelf behind the desk where I have some other pictures. The dish with the earbuds can slip into a drawer. I feel this will open up my space and be more calming.

Next, organize the drawers. Each drawer in the desk works best if it has a designated function. Empty each drawer and wipe it out. Determine what will be stored there. One drawer may hold supplies like pens, markers, a stapler, ruler, a pair of scissors, etc. Another drawer might have paper pads, sticky notes, your checkbook. Some drawers in my desk are for my home affairs and some are for my business. I like the way my drawers are set up, so the idea for me is just to get rid of any clutter that is not needed (I mean, who needs 6 pads of paper that have accumulated over the year from charities or 15 pens with black ink?). 

Now, use the desk for a while. Is it easier to maintain? How do you feel when working there? If there are still papers or clutter piling up, go back and re-evaluate. If all is well, enjoy!

The Importance of Ongoing Downsizing



I am continually downsizing. I’ve had a few life events where the downsizing was intense. The first one came after a divorce. My husband was a packrat and I was overwhelmed with stuff. When I moved out of the home, I basically only took what I needed to live. Then about 5 years ago, I remarried, and both my new husband and I had homes that while not overpacked or huge were full and of course, we had duplicates in housewares and lawn care items. We both recognize that less stuff in our homes makes for less work. So, again, I did a pretty big purge as did he.

Every year, I go through each part of my home and get rid of a bit more. I have earmarked a few things I think my children would like. I have made notes of any item that has a real monetary value, so they won’t have to guess. Recently, I have started going through family pictures and when I have both sons visiting, I go through a tub of them and ask what ones they would like to keep. Then I give the pictures to them on the spot. If they don’t want old family pictures, I now just let them go. I keep personal photographs of my trips and memories, but the boys know that when I pass, they can just get rid of them as they are my memories and not theirs.

My husband and I are also very careful about not buying what we don’t need. While I enjoy and love the items in our home, there is nothing I can think of that would devastate me if I lost it. We both like books but we keep our collection fluid. We pass on to others most of the books we buy. 

It is very freeing not to be tied down by our possessions.

I was recently forwarded a very good article by Jennifer Karami. After she helped move her grandmother into her retirement home, she wrote this for Redfin Real Estate Company.

I would love to hear about your downsizing experiences – both the wins and the struggles.