Priorities – Taking Time for Self

I love my profession and I love my clients, but…….. sometimes, I just need a break. I love taking small vacations and grab them when there is an opportunity. This past week, Rob and I took a small vacation and attended a Road Scholar program in Florida. We met some wonderful people and learned about close harmonies, leading ladies Meryl Streep and Julie Roberts, and movies made into musicals (imagine Rocky as a musical!). This program was held on Eckerd College campus in St. Petersburg, Florida. The instructors were great and the food was tasty. Then we spent a day and a half at my sister’s home. There she gathered local family and we had a wonderful time catching up with everyone. I had some quality time with my hubby and family as well as attending classes with a wonderful group of people.

While on my vacation, I checked emails and responded to clients. I did a Zone Plan Coaching call from the car using my cell phone (worked fine but couldn’t record the call). This did not take a lot of time and I still felt in vacation mode.

When I returned, I was refreshed and ready to get back into the full swing of things at work and for the holiday preparations. I hope all of you find some time to take care of your needs to rest and relax this fall.

Jonda S. Beattie

Professional Organizer


  1. How nice that you got in a mini vacation! Sounded like it was a fun visit.


  2. Ginny, it was great. Going to repeat the experience in January.

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