Annual Christmas Panic

OK, we are now really in December. Christmas will be here really soon.

Time to panic!


In spite of my best efforts, I have run behind on my timeline. In spite of my great plan early on, I have also over scheduled.

What should I do now to keep away that panic and stress?

Here is my current plan:

  1. Back to envisioning how I want this holiday to look and feel.
  • I want my holiday to include time with loved ones and friends.
  •  I want to feel happy and at peace with the world.

     2. Getting real about what can be done.

  •  I am still working on cards – but individual messages are going to be very brief and only to those I don’t communicate with except at Christmas.
  • My decorations will be less than previous years.
  • My house will not attract the board of health, but this is not the time for any deep cleaning or organizational projects.
  • I will streamline cooking – eat out more – and keep foods for the party and the holiday meal simpler than in the past.

    3. Getting help.

  • I will ask for help from friends and family as needed.
  • I will hire help for some cleaning and yard work.

    4. Revisiting my calendar.

  • I will move some items around to accommodate my new commitments.
  • I will let some items go.

   5. Taking care of myself first.

  • I will sleep more.
  • I will eat healthy (well, at least most of the time).
  • I will do my weights and walk.

   6.  Laughing and smiling – a lot.

  • I will schedule time with fun friends.
  • I will go to uplifting events.
  • I will laugh at the absurd and ridiculous – and that means laughing at myself at times.

OK – Now, I have a Plan B. I feel better.


Jonda S. Beattie

Professional Organizer

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