Fear of Failure

No one likes to fail. If we fail we must have made mistakes, done something stupid, weren’t good enough, etc.
But, if we never fail – if we always make our goals, what does that say? If we never fail we must have had very easy, attainable goals, not stretched ourselves, and not achieved a fraction of what we are capable of doing.
People through time have learned only through mistakes. Failure gives us a chance to learn and improve.
Getting from where we are now to our ultimate vision requires some missteps. But, these mistakes give us a chance to grow and push our limits.
You have probably heard the story about Edison going through over 1,000 combinations of gas and filament before he developed a workng light bulb that would last. After the light bulb began to be distributed, the science editor of a well known national publication asked him how it felt to have failed so many times. Edison responded with the fact that he had succeeded in producing the incandescent bulb. When the editor persisted, Edison framed the problem of getting to a working light bulb as one that had over 1,000 steps along the way. Had he thought of each step along the way a yet another fialure, the light bulb might never have been developed.
What do we want out of life? What is our vision? Do we listen to what others tell us and what we tell ourselves about the risks necessary to move toward that vision? When we begin to grow and expand our goals, we are going to experience a learning curve and some failures along the way. Failure is just a part of the process of expanding our lives.
Let’s dream large and move forward.

Jonda S. Beattie
Professional Organizer

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