Moving Tips

Moving can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. It is great to envision the new home and environment. It is more than a little daunting to think of packing up everything and getting it to that new home.
When envisioning the new environment, take the time to think how you want your new home to look and feel. Now, walk around your current home. Are there items in your home that do not support that vision? This is the time to ruthlessly get rid of everything you no longer need, love, or doesn’t support your vision. You certainly don’t want to take the time or expense to pack items that you will dispose of at the other end.
When you have pared your possessions down to what you are going to move, take an inventory. Take pictures or videos of the rooms and put together a file of warranties, receipts and owner’s manuals so that you can trouble shoot if something goes missing or is lost.
Also start a brightly colored folder or container to hold all information concerning this move. Use it to hold estimates, receipts, and your inventory. You may also want to use this same folder/container to put all vital records in as well as medical and school records. This folder will travel with you and not be packed.
Develop a timetable of things to do leading up to your move. Post it and check things off as you go along. You should start this timetable at least 2 months before the actual move date. One of the first items will be to select a mover or look into truck-rental prices.
Don’t forget to list items like mailing change of address forms, notifying banks, insurance companies,credit card companies, and utilities, and having your car inspected and serviced. If you take medication, be sure you have enough to last a couple of weeks.
If you are using a rental truck, get it the evening before the move so you can take some time to familiarize yourself with the operation and handling of the truck. If you are using a moving company, on the day of the move make sure that the truck that shows up is from the moving company you hired. Scams do happen. Plan to be home the entire time it takes the movers to get you packed and loaded. Before the movers leave, sign and keep a copy of the mover’s bill of landing/inventory list.
Enjoy your new home!

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Jonda S. Beattie
Professional Organizer


  1. Anonymous says

    I'd like to add – make sure the moving company you hire is reputable. I'll never forget the time my parents and I arrived at our new home but our family heirlooms did not. 🙁

  2. Good point. For local moves, I like to recommend companies that I have met with and checked referrals. What would you suggest for cross-country moves?

  3. One thing people do fear about scams. To avoid those, try for recommendations of a faithful friends. Internet is a good source. But careful approaching them by user votes. I think this point can help to avoid scam. Better search rather than going on by the ads.

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  4. I definitely agree that ads alone are not a good way to chose a company. The ads may weed out a few. Talking to people you know and trust is good. I even wonder if a local moving company that you know could help with recommendations.

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