Organizing the Creative Mind

It is so much fun to be creative. We can come up with all of these wonderful ideas – how we cant redecorate our office, how we can streamline our time management system, how we can dig a pit and have a luau party. But often creative ideas just shrivel up due to lack of nourishment.
One of the NAPO conference sessions I attended was “20 Best Practices of Organizing the Creative Mind” by Scot Belsky. One of his premise was that impacts from creativity are a product – as in an equation.
Creativity X Organization = Impact
Impact is a product – not a sum.
100 great creative ideas times no organization = 0 impact
50 great creative ideas times 2 parts organization = impact of 100
Ideas don’t just happen just because they are great. There are other forces at play (hint: I’m a professional organizer).
Good ideas should be shared. This helps build in accountability. You have a good idea. Put together an execution plan. Write up action steps. These steps can be delegated or sometimes immediately taken. If you are meeting with a group, capture your action steps at the end of the meeting. Look for other resources to help you along. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Build a village around you to help you see your ideas to fruition. You may need doers and even some naysayers or realists in your group.
I am a part of a goals group. We meet monthly and we share our wins from the past month and our goals for the upcoming month. This is my accountability. This is a trusted arena where I can take my creative dreams, sound them out, and put the dreams to action.
Scott is the author of Making Ideas Happen and the founder of the Behance Network and the Action Method. Check him out for more great ideas.

Jonda S. Beattie
Professional Organizer

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