The Saturated Home

This month I have been working on my laundry/china storage zone. As I emptied shelves, purged some items, and put things back, I noted that while there was now a specific space to put things – THERE WAS NO ROOM FOR GROWTH.
I had noticed this same phenomenon in my closets, and in my spare bedroom, and in my kitchen and …….
My home has become saturated. There is a place for everything but unless it is smaller than a matchbox, there is not room to add ANYTHING! My home has become saturated.
What to do?
My home is workable in that if anything does come in and something equal goes out, I am OK. So if a friend gives me a gift, I have to decide if I should let the gift come in my home, because if I do something I have already consciously decided to keep the last time I worked in that zone will have to go.
Another plan would be to be even more ruthless the next time I go through each zone. I have already decided this time through that I probably don’t need to keep my good china. I would have to add a few more pieces of my everyday IKEA ware but not nearly as much I would be getting rid of.
I have already shifted small zones in my home because of lack of space. The zone to keep items to give to charity has moved from the bottom of my guest closet (needed the room for books and mailers) to the hall closet. My pictures and memorabilia have moved from a coffee table storage (because the table is now gone) to the top of a closet in the guest bedroom. The pillows that were stored in the top of the closet in the guest bedroom are now stored tightly on top of the linens in the hall closet (closet is now completely saturated).

I would love to have some feedback on how you would tackle this situation.

Jonda S. Beattie
Professional Organizer


  1. Jonda~ I am doing a similar thing with my kitchen right now. In hopes of renovating in the next year I am carefully looking at everything that is filling that space and asking myself what it means to me. In Feng Shui one of the big lessons is to live with what you love. Our possessions hold the energy of what we give them through our memories and associations. If an item reminds you of a bad memory, no matter how beautiful or valuable it is, let it go. On the other hand, the simplest and seemingly insignificant item could be precious to you and should remain in your space. If you don't love it, let it go and you will make yourself so much more available to receive even more wonderful things/opportunities/experiences in your life! Happy purging!!

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