Organizing and Gardening

Organizing is a lot like gardening. In a garden your first step is to pick your site and then visualize how you want your garden to look and what you want to get from it.
You make your plan. You develop zones for your different types of plants. You put on your calendar when to plant the seeds or plants. You only plant what you need or love.
Then you start to work. You prepare your soil. You put in your plants or seeds. You fertilize and water them in.
A few days later you come out to check on the garden. The plants you put in look a little droopy. You pull out the hose and water again.
Next week you come out to check on the garden. The watering and rain have definitely perked up those plants but what is all that other green stuff growing out there? You pull the weeds.
Things go along pretty well but you notice something has been chewing on the leaves. You do pest control.
You discover that you need to remove not only weeds but vines and dead leaves to promote the growth of your garden.
Organizing is much the same. You visualize your area. You develop a plan. You implement your plan. It looks great.
A few days later clutter starts to reappear. The area doesn’t look as fresh. Pests invade (pets, children, spouse).
Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance!
Maintenance will keep your garden and your organized area the best it can possibly be and you will reap the rewards.

Jonda S. Beattie
Professional Organizer

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