Upcoming NAPO conference

Next week I will be attending the NAPO conference in Columbus, Ohio. This will be my 4th conference. Before I go to conferences I set goals for myself.
One of my primary goals is to come away with new knowledge. I will learn what organizers across the country are doing. I will learn what changes are happening in our industry. I will learn new resources. I will see new products.
Another goal is to personally connect with other organizers. I will catch up with organizers I have met before. I will get to meet face to face with some organizers I have chatted with online or read their blogs. I will meet organizers by chance when we sit side by side at presentations.
I also plan to promote my book, From Vision to Victory. It will be for sale at the conference. I will also get to see the new releases of other organizers.
Then, I also plan to have fun. There will be a meal when all of our organizers from Georgia will be together. There will be a social the evening before conference starts. My brother lives nearby and at the close of the conference I will go to his home for the evening before starting back home. If I”m lucky I will even get to squeeze in some time to go geocauching.
The day I return I have set aside to develop an action plan from this great experience.

Jonda S. Beattie
Professional Organizer

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  1. Anonymous says

    Can't wait–I'll see you there in just a few days!

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