Party time!

I love to organize and plan parties- all kinds of parties. Theme parties are the most fun and I have been giving them for years. This year a special friend of mine was turning 50. He had been to many of my parties and usually picked at my food. Once I asked him what food he would serve if he was giving a party and he replied “chili dogs”. I remembered this and also was aware of his love of RC and the Varsity. So for a surprise party for his 50th- we had chili dogs, naked dogs, slaw, fried peach pie, moon pies, peanuts in the shell and RC as the main menu (also tucked around was some shrimp, vegetables, cheese, fruit, a regular birthday cake and wine for the not so chili dog group). I thought I had ordered plenty of chili dogs but they disappeared fast. My friend, Len, was certainly surprised and a fun time was had by all (especially me as it was not at my house).

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