Tips for Spring

Now we are getting our yards ready for summer-keep all of your gardening supplies in one place and organized by task (plant, water weed, harvest). Label all containers.

• School will soon be out. At the end of the school year, sit down with your children and go through all of their papers and supplies. It is such a temptation to just drop that backpack on the last day of school and not look at it again until August. Help your students make decisions on which papers to keep and file away and which to toss. Help them set up yearly files or portfolios for their best work. Have them put still good supplies away for summer fun and toss broken crayons and dried up glue.

• When thinking about decluttering keep the rule of when something comes into your home something goes out- also do this with commitments so that when you agree to be on a committee or board, get off a committee or board

• When changing over your closets for summer, do a rapid sort. Make 3 piles. One for the clothes you have worn last season and like. These will be ones you definitely keep. Make a second pile for the things you didn’t wear- maybe they were the wrong size or you just didn’t like them. This would be the pile to get rid of. Have a third pile for the items you are not sure about. After the rapid sort and looking what you already have in the keep pile, go through the third pile again. See what you can part with.